Terms & Conditions

We inform our customers that the booking service run by Resdiary (www.resdiary.com) involves the insertion of a valid credit card number as guarantee. At the time of booking you will not be charged any amount, and the information will be retained only to confirm the reservation. It will be possible to cancel your reservation up to 24 hours before your visit time without incurring any penalty. In case of a No Show or late cancellation or a penalty of € 50 (50/euros) per person booked or cover missed will be applied, and you will be invoiced for the amount charged on credit card. In the event of subsequent modification of the reservation refers to the last modification date and the contract is deemed automatically renewed under the same conditions. In case of deposit, this is to be intended as NON refundable, unless differently stated at the moment of booking. Sogni restaurant is not responsible for any malfunctions / loss of data / security flaws of the platforms owned by third parties used for the online management of the reservation service.